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Good Pets for Kids - Infants Through Toddlers

When you're planning to add a pet into your family, you must take your children into consideration and figure out what are some good pets for kids are. Kids love animals, but are better with certain kinds and breeds at different ages. Make sure you're bringing home an animal that is appropriate for your child's age by reading the tips below.
Of course babies cannot handle or take care of pets. If you already have a pet when your child is born or adopted one soon after, make sure to properly introduce them to each other. Make sure to supervise them and gradually increase the amount of time they spend together. This will get them used to each other and they will likely grow up to be the best of friends!
Adopting a pet into the family while your child is a toddler will prove to be a great learning experience for him/her. Because of toddlers' curious personalities, they will make an effort to pull at an animal's fur, limbs and ears in an attempt to make contact through touching. You will want to make sure beforehand that the animal is okay with this. Always keep an eye on your child when there are pet products around, including toys, food and water dishes, litter boxes and even aquariums.
3-5 Years
Guinea pigs are perfect for kids at this age because they are learning about contact and empathy. The little pets like to be held, rarely bite and will make cute noises when happy. You can teach your child how to be responsible by having them fill the water bottle and food dish. If you have bigger pets like cats or dogs, providing your child with a smaller pet will help them build up to having the responsibilities to take care of a bigger pet.
5-10 Years
Kids at this age are also better off with small pets, including gerbils and goldfish. Because of their inconsistent attention spans, you should supervise them while they interact with animals. They can learn how to be responsible as well as develop good hygiene habits.
10-13 Years
Pre-teens and early teens have a good capacity for responsibility and reliability. Most of them are ready to take care of pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits. They can handle more difficult tasks like walking, feeding, and cleaning up after the pets. Kids at this age can also participate in dog training classes, go along for veterinary visits, etc...which can be an excellent learning opportunity.
Children above 13 are typically very busy, but can probably handle low-maintenance pets like fish or birds if they are expected to care for the pet's daily needs both physical and emotional. It is up to the entire family to determine what pet works best for their kids and if their child is responsible enough to handle a pet on his/her own.
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