Friday, 22 June 2012

What Do Dog Training And Pregnant Women Have In Common?

Great news here at the Letendre domicile.
Rach found out last week that she is pregnant and we are both very happy.
I knew something was up a few weeks ago. You see, she started doing something she NEVER does.
Something I've never seen her do.
She started taking naps every day.
She and my little dog Martini go to the bedroom around 1:00PM and nap for about an hour.
When they go to take a nap I go to the kitchen and make some lunch for Rach.
The funny part is Martini.
She is in bed snoozing away but as soon as she hears the fridge open, she races down the stairs and immediately parks her little body next to me.
I laugh because I am very quiet but Martini's hearing is so tuned in to the sound of the fridge opening she responds very fast.
This is a perfect situation to train because I "expect" Martini to come racing when she hears the fridge.
Expecting is defined as:
"To look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of."
I know that Martini is going to come racing as soon as I open the fridge. Since I know this, I can call her name and the command "Come" and use this to reinforce the recall command.
Once she gets to me I can do some more training because she is "expecting" a reward.
Expectation can be very powerful when it comes to dog training.
"Expectation" the act of expecting is what you start doing once you are past the early stages of training. This is where you can start to reinforce obedience commands and behaviors because the dog already has a basic understanding of the commands.
When you first start training you have to lure your dog into the position and help out much more than when your dog starts to "get it."
Think of using expectation as your dog progresses with their training.
By using this technique to train your dog you'll start looking for different situations to apply this. I use the fridge as explained above but I also use car rides, holding the leash and even putting on my sneakers.
When my dog sees me putting on my sneakers she gets very excited with the expectation of going for a walk. I only put on my sneakers when I am going to take her for a walk so when she sees me reach for them I can do some quick obedience commands.
Try this out and improve your dog's obedience today.
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