Friday, 22 June 2012

Tips To Control the Excess Barking Of Your Dog

It is through barking that dogs communicate with each other or with their owners. This is a very common behavior associated with your dog, and therefore, there is nothing to be worried about it. However, do you think that your dog barks excessively that it goes out of control? This is really true that when your dogs bark in excess, it can cross your limits of patience. Constant barking can also be a great disturbance not only for you, but for your neighbors, as well. Though there are solutions through which you will be able to control the excess barking of your dog, yet before you try to quiet your dog, you should try to find out the exact reasons or the message behind the barking.
Different reasons for barking:
There are of course different reasons for which your dog might bark. Therefore, before finding out the solutions, you should try to find out the cause of the underlying problem. Some of the common causes include:
· Protection of the territory- when they think that their territories are occupied by someone else, they go through a sense of insecurity and this in turn, leads them to frequent barking.
· Anxiety- they are often frustrated or anxious when they are away from their owners or they can also be frustrated by a particular situation, especially when they are confined in any place.
· Pain- they can also bark in order to communicate a sense of pain due to illness or injury.
· Danger- often, when your dogs sense danger, it might induce them to bark excessively.
Stop excess barking:
As there are different reasons for your dogs to bark, in a similar way, there are also different ways through which you can stop the excess barking habit of your dog.
· There are plenty of bark collars available on the market. If you get these bark collars, you can tie it around the neck of your dog, so that they do not bark in excess.
· You should always try to keep your dog active, as a result of which the chances of excess barking will also get reduced. If possible, you should also take your dog for regular walks, or you can also indulge in some fitness games to make it bark less.
· You should also teach some obedience training to your dog, so that you can improve the ability of your dog to discern the threats, and thereby stop barking in excess.
· You should also not encourage the excessive barking of your dog. If it barks excessively, do not reward it, and try to treat him only when he is quiet. This will definitely be helpful.
· If you think that your dog is barking excessively, you should try to change his routine, and bring about some necessary changes. If you think that it is barking due to confinement, you should try to release him in an open space.
Thus, there are several things that you can do in order to control the excess barking of your dog.

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