Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Dog

I'm sure that all of us who own dogs can agree that they can be a real treat to have around the home. The truth of the matter is, however, if you aren't taking care of them as far as bathing is concerned, they can be rather stinky as well. That is why it is important for you to understand how to wash a dog properly because it is something that can be done at home relatively easily. It will save you a considerable amount of money when you are able to do this on your own when compared with how much you would spend taking them to a local shop and having it done for anywhere from $50-$100.
One of the first things that you need to think about when it comes to washing a dog is the type of shampoo that is used. When you look at the store, you will find that there is an entire area that is dedicated to pet shampoo, so it's important to know what you are using before you actually use it. In some cases, you will need a specific type of dog shampoo, such as when the dog has fleas or if it has sensitive skin. At other times, a more general product may be used. It is important for you to understand, however, that if you are washing the dog, you should only use dog shampoo, not shampoo meant for humans. You should also make sure that you use a natural shampoo to keep as many chemicals as possible off of the skin of your dog.
Now that you have the shampoo available, get the entire space ready where the dog is going to be bathed. If you're going to be bathing the dog outside, all that is really necessary is the shampoo, a brush, a towel and a garden hose. If you're going to be washing the dog indoors, you will still need the shampoo and a brush but you will need plenty of towels, especially if the dog tends to shake a lot.
Before washing the dog, brush them thoroughly to remove as much loose hair is possible and then wet the coat thoroughly. After the dog's coat has been made wet, apply the shampoo and then work it in thoroughly. Be cautious when in the area of the face, as some shampoos may burn the dog's eyes and you would not want to get it in their ears, or it could cause irritation.
After shampooing the dog, rinse them thoroughly until the water is running clear off of their fur. You should then put a large towel over the back of the dog which will keep them from shaking and throwing the water off around the room. Dry the dog off as thoroughly as possible with the towel and then if necessary, use a blow dryer to finish the job. Most dogs enjoy this part of the process, although the hairdryer may cause some stress if they are not comfortable with loud noises. That is why it is beneficial to dry them as thoroughly as possible before using the hairdryer.
Tina Freeman is the author of this article about dog shampoo and pet shampoo. She is a dog trainer for over 15 years and grew up taking care of dogs. During her free time she loves to go fishing and hiking in Minnesota.

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