Sunday, 24 June 2012

How to Properly Deal With Fleas on Your Dog

Fleas can be very irritating and annoying, not only to our dogs, but to us as well. You'll find yourself itching and scratching along with your dog, because fleas don't only feed on dogs and cats. They will feed on any the blood of mammals, and yes, that includes humans too. So how does one deal with fleas?
What are Fleas?
There are a wide variety of fleas however; there is only one type of flea that cause dogs the most problems. This flea is also known as Ctenocephalides felis. Fleas are tiny parasitic insects with no wings that have 6 legs, and hind legs made for jumping long distances. Did you know that a flea can jump up to 30 feet? That's why these fleas can also be a nuisance for pet owners and can cause severe itching on us too.
How do I Prevent Fleas?
This may sound too obvious, but the best way to prevent your dog from flea infestation is cleaning and grooming your dog regularly. If your dog isn't infested with these tiny creatures yet, you should give your dog regular baths with flea repellent shampoo. But if your dog already has fleas, you can also buy flea shampoos over the counter to get rid of this tiny critters feeding on your dog. Try to avoid spot on treatments, as this can be toxic, and even deadly. You can try hot spot treatment sprays. It gives immediate relief to your dog. I give them to my dog, and it works great. Of course, it never hurts to consult your veterinarian for medications for these parasites.
Did you also know that fleas love to attack weaker dogs and cats? Fleas prefer to attack malnourished dogs because of their poor and weak immune systems. That is why it is essential for pet owners to give their dogs healthy diets and maintain great nutrition. Try to avoid chemical preservatives in your dog's food, and always look for meat as the first ingredient. And just like humans, dog needs vitamins to boost their health and immune system too. There are natural supplements out there that are 100% pure, safe and effective. Vitamins can help strengthen your pet's skin and immune system that can be caused by flea bites, or allergic reactions from the saliva of the flea, and other possible infections.
So remember, if you want a happy and healthy dog, regular grooming, and good nutrition is the best way to protect your dog.
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