Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Potty Train A Puppy In A Flash

Every family wouldn't be totally complete without a pet. And for most families, that pet would be a puppy. Everyone just fell in love the moment that puppy arrived. You are then 100 percent sure that you are ready for this dog. Until he peed on your crispy clean carpet in the living room, that is.
All of a sudden, you realize what a big mistake you got yourself into. But no, taking a puppy is not a big mistake. It's just a big responsibility. So, better prepare yourself to clean up some mess! And potty train your new best buddy in a flash.
So, what should an owner do to potty train his beloved pet? Well, for most pets, it only takes a few steps.
First, always pay attention to your furry friend. If you pay attention, you can learn to watch out for signals if your pet is ready for the deed. Make sure that your pet is always somewhere you can see him, and if you notice that he or she is sniffing around, that's usually a signal. So better pick him up before he even squats to start. Take him to a place where you want him to do the task.
Also, take your puppy outside to go potty within 10 minutes after eating or drinking. They usually need to go potty right after a meal or drink. It would also be wise to control what your puppy eats. A small puppy doesn't require a full bowl available all the time. So, just check in with your vet to discuss on this matter.
It's also important to note that you should avoid playing with your pet when outside to go potty. They might have a wrong impression of what it is you are supposed to do outside. It would be best if you just stand or sit and wait until he does his thing.
Secondly, if you are not able to constantly keep an eye on him, consider crate training. People might think that this is like imprisoning, but most pets actually enjoy the security of their crate. Their crates should not be used as punishment. It should be a place where your puppy feels safe. With that in mind, in order to potty train your baby with a crate; always put your puppy in after taking a dump. You can leave him there for even up to three hours at most. Now, since the puppy have been accustomed to a clean crate as a room of solace, puppies will rarely use it as potty and they will learn to hold it in while inside. Just take him outside to potty the moment you let him out of the crate.
Also, it is very crucial that you offer your puppy constant praise. Praise for a good deed, that is. So just give your puppy a treat every time he potties outside. Finally, repetition and consistency are key factors to making this work. Whenever training your puppy to potty outside, always use the same door and the same area on your yard. This will help him remember.
You've just learned how to potty train your puppy in four basic steps! You are on your way to having a wonderful relationship with your newest best friend.
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