Sunday, 24 June 2012

How Pets Influence Us By Begging

Time To Eat
As creatures of routine, dogs instinctively know when it is time to eat, just as they know when it is time for a walk. They do not need a clock for this purpose, and if you are late in providing food, you will be reminded! At first, the hungry dog will become noticeably restless. If ignored, it is then likely to start pawing you gently - a habit common in larger dogs. Smaller dogs may become more lively and are more likely to bark excitedly and repeatedly.
Risk Of OverFeeding
Your dog may try to convince you that it is still hungry, even if it had the recommended amount of food already that day. Some breeds of dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, are naturally greedier than other, and this means they are at greater risk of becoming obese.
Communication Methods
The size of your dog will directly impact the way that it communicates its growing hunger to you. A large dog, such as a Golden Retriever, is able to give its bowl to you, whereas small breeds will tend to become more excited and possibly try to jump up onto your lap, without settling down there. Instead, when you move, they will leap down and run off in the direction of their food bowl to show you what they want.
Getting Vocal
Dogs soon come to recognize that they need to persuade you to look in their direction, whatever it is they want. While a large dog can simply place a paw on your leg when you are sitting down, it can be harder for smaller dogs to gain your attention. This may help to explain why smaller dogs tend to be more vocal than larger dogs. Yapping is an efficient - if irritating - way to attract your attention.
Reinforced Behavior
Begging is a learn behavior, rather than being instinctive. Not all dogs of the same breed behave in the same way, and begging tends to be a skill that is acquired at an early stage in life. This "skill" will soon become habit if you always respond to your dog when it begs; your response reinforces its behavior.
Attention Grabbing
Jack Russell Terriers have a compact body shape and are adept at supporting themselves in an upright position - and when they see that this type of begging behavior attracts praise, they will repeat it.
Stay In Charge
Don't allow your meals to become disrupted by your dog starring longingly at your food. Under no circumstances should you feed your dog food from the table.
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