Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dog Summer Safety: Don't Forget the Water!

This sounds like a no-brainer really...don't forget to give your dog water? Of course this is a no-brainer but still an interesting topic to think about. Just as we humans need water so do our four-legged friends. Water is an essential nutrient that most all living things need & this is even more important during the hot, summer months fast approaching. Dehydration can set in within a matter of hours for a dog so please keep the following points in mind with summer around the corner. 
  • Clean - Treated Water. There are many issues that are associated with drinking untreated water that can be harmful to our dogs just as they can be to us. Untreated water can be a source for viruses, parasites and bacteria. So be aware of the water your dog is drinking if out taking a hike or walking the back roads - bring along your own bottled water so your dog isn't drinking from a creek or puddle that could be contaminated. "Clean" also applies to a dirty dog dish - keep his bowl clean from harmful organisms that can make your pet ill. So make sure you keep your toilet lid down! (or at the very least don't continue to use any type of cleaner with a chemical that remains in the tank or bowl.)
  • Cool - with Ice Please. Serving your dog room temperature water is okay for the winter months but wouldn't you rather drink ice, cold water when it's hot? Well, so would your dog. Take the extra minute and pamper your dog by adding ice to his dish this might just see him smile.
  • Amount - Fill er up. This is simple. A dog knows when he's thirsty and when he's not so he'll have a drink when he needs to so just make sure it's available to him at all times especially when it's hot out. So just keep his dog bowl filled to the brim with fresh, clean, cold water - a little extra water consumption is better than not enough to avoid dehydration.
This summer, whether you're on the go with your four-legged friend or just hanging out at home, make sure you keep fresh, clean, cool water available to your dog at all times. If you feel at anytime your dog is acting unusual or just not quite himself - seek the help of your veterinarian. Keep your dog happy and healthy this summer by keeping him cool and hydrated!
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