Sunday, 24 June 2012

Breeding a Rottweiler

Statistically, the average Dog breeder stays in dogs only seven years or less. Some breeders stay in it for life because it is a hobby and not a business, but it is a very serious hobby. The Germans breed with scientific methodology and look to see the positive results for 10 or 12 generations down the road. They are governed by strict breed rules and are subject to scrutiny by the German Breed warden. They breed to the Standard and are judged against that Standard. The main goals of the German breeders are Rottweilers with correct physical structure, working character, and the stamina and drive to perform the tasks for which they were bred. The challenge begins with the breeder. First and the foremost is compiling the best gene pool possible. Until your dog's role as the lowest member of the pack is established, he may believe it's his responsibility to put young children in place when they behave in a manner he thinks is out of line. And the way in which a dog punishes lower ranking pack members is by biting. The dog is not biting because he is mean or vicious - he is simply putting the lower pack member in place - just as his mother did to him when he was puppy. For this reason, it is imperative you follow this rule: Never leave an infant or child along with any dog.
Rottweilers are prone to many genetic problems, which can be passed down to their puppies. The most common of these are hip and elbow dysplasia (malformation of the joint which can be crippling), eye problems and bleeding disorders. If you plan to breed your Rottweilers, make sure they are free of hip dysplasia by sending an x-ray to the orthopedic foundation for animals. Your veterinarian will happy to give you more information on these and other procedures you should follow to ensure the good health and breed ability of your Rottie. Bad temperament is the most serious genetic fault to be passed from parent to puppy. There is never an excuse to breed a Rottweiler with a poor temperament. Training the best Rottweilers is indeed a great challenge. It seems only a few in any breed have been able to meet that challenge. Since dogs can't communicate verbally, they can't ask a stranger what their intentions are all the dogs know is that some is intruding on his territory and that he is limited by how far he can go to protect that territory. It's a scary situation for the dog and a potentially dangerous one for everyone involved - plus it can result in severe financial repercussions for you. It is imperative that you provide shade and plenty of water when your Rott is outside. Their black coats absorb the sun, and many have died because they did not have adequate protection from the heat and sun. Exercise your Rottweiler every day. This is a working breed, and he will be happiest when he has duties to perform. There are many physical activities your dog can be taught. Rottweilers often earned their keep be pulling carts and its an activity they still enjoy today.

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