Friday, 22 June 2012

Benefits To You As You Walk Your Dog

Dogs love to walk.
Some people may not realize how much a dog looks forward to his "walking time."
Dogs like walking so much that they will eagerly remind you when it is the time of day for their walk. If you walk at 5 p.m. every day, when that time comes your dog may begin following you all over the house, possibly making sounds, running around the house, jumping up on you eagerly anticipating the new smells, new sights, and new sounds he may experience on his walk. You can count on him continuing to pester you until you give in and take him on his walk.
And if for some reason you are unable to walk him at that time, be ready for a crestfallen look when he senses you are not going to take him on a walk.
People who cannot walk probably should not own a dog, for not walking deprives a dog of one of the highlights of his life.
Your dog wants to walk, but don't forget there are numerous benefits for you, the dog owner.
1. The walk gives you an opportunity to improve your physical fitness, something you might not do if you don't have a "fitness buddy." There are many people who drop the idea of going for a walk simply because they would be walking "alone." You are not alone when you walk your dog.
2. Your pet has the ability to charge you up and enhance your energy level enabling you to walk faster and with much more enthusiasm. You burn more calories and improve your overall fitness level.
3. Your dog will help you reduce stress in your life and help you forget all your worries and relax your mind as well. Stroking or petting your dog can reduce high blood pressure and the physiological indicators of stress.
4. The companionship and unconditional love given to you by your pet is known to have considerable mental health benefits, including increased self-esteem.
5. Dog walking has a great social benefit. Those who walk their dogs are often considered to be friendly and approachable by others and it may help you to make new friends.
6. The dog will serve as motivation to its owner. Whereas there may be days you do not feel like walking, your dog will simply not let you take a day off. Studies have found that 41 per cent of dog owners walk, on average, 18 minutes per week longer than people who do not own dogs.
So, make sure you walk your dog daily. There will be days when you may not feel like doing so; however, keep the above benefits in mind and, most of all, keep your dog's interest in mind.
Glenn Wilkes is a dog owner in Florida. He has authored a book about his experiences with his dog Domino's leg amputation due to cancer including his frantic search for other opinions, his varied feelings that came over him at the time, and suggests some important "lessons in life" that came from the ordeal. Please visit Domino's website, for kindle book information.

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