Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

If your dog seems to be scratching himself a lot and worrying at particular areas of his body, he may be suffering from a number of different conditions. You may notice that he has dry, flaky patches, some form of dermatitis or irritated red patches that are making him scratch and bite. Fish oil is an excellent addition to any dog's diet to help him to avoid some of these conditions.
Fish oils are highly beneficial to your dog for many reasons. Some of the best are the Omega fatty acids. These help to promote a good healthy function of the body's processes and aid in good overall health. Salmon oil is one of the best as it is very rich in Omega 3 essential oils. These are not produced by the body so they should be supplemented with your dog's daily diet.
Many of the complete dog foods available today do not contain enough of the essential oils that are a required part of your dog's diet. Giving you dog a fish oil supplement on a daily basis will have many benefits, not least his coat looking and feeling shiny and soft.
His skin will improve and the risk of skin irritations, dermatitis and allergic reactions will decrease if not disappear altogether. This is mainly because the oils will help to moisturise your dog's skin. They will also assist the sebum glands in producing the correct amount of oils for even distribution throughout the coat and skin. Regular brushing will help to distribute this oil through his coat.
Fish oil has the added benefit of helping to reduce the risk of serious diseases such as some cancers and high heart disease. These will help to keep his cholesterol level low and also help to eliminate problems with weight gain and conditions that may be associated with this.
Another excellent benefit for your dog is that his cognitive skills will greatly improve and his energy levels will rise. This also helps to fight off weight gain. His brain concentration will be much higher, leading to easier training and learning and improved intelligence.
Dogs that suffer from conditions such as arthritis, dysplasia and other joint problems will benefit from a daily dose of fish oils. They contain anti-inflammatory properties which hep to reduce swelling on the joints. This will give him increased mobility and will help to alleviate the pain associated with such conditions.
Other benefits of giving your dog a daily dose of fish oil are a reduced risk of strokes and blood clots, kidney disease and eradication of some infections. It is excellent for nursing mothers as it will help the puppies to develop properly and, in pregnant bitches can help to avoid foetal damage. Many dogs die unnecessarily young these days due to incorrect care and lack of correct diet and exercise. Giving him the correct dosage of a fish oil supplement every day will greatly improve his chances of living a longer, healthier pain free life.
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